Play In Rowing Boats At The River Thames

If you are looking for a fancy and captivating rowing event where you can have fun to the fullest, the Henley regatta is the ultimate solution for you. It is normally held once annually in England at River Thames. Attenders of the event have the privilege of bordering the Windsor belle. The vintage steam boats gives you the chance to feel the ambience of the event as you enjoy the river breeze. Cruising along with experienced people who will teach you every skill in rowing the boats would be a marvellous experience that will make you learn all the necessary things needed in boat riding.


Get the Best Lunch Dishes in the Restaurants


Henley regatta is well arranged because before noon there is tea that is served with delicious snacks and canapés. At lunch time, a full meal served together delicious drinks is offered for people to so as to continue with the activities while having full energy. Attenders choose whether they want to eat with their partners or separately because the caterers as can arrange private dinning places for groups or partners. You would be taken care of from the start to the end of the event to ensure that you have a compelling experience.


Well Decorated Place


The place is very unique because it is located away from the busy towns which means it offers people the opportunity to enjoy whatever they are doing without interruption. The shores of the river Thames where people gather to enjoy the event are well kempt with beautiful seats and gardens. You can relax on the chairs under the tents and order a drink as you watch the mesmerising view of the green forest view and the various activities that people are doing. Henley regatta is a luxurious event that you should not miss when in England.


This year, the event will be held on 28th July up to 2nd July where people from across the world can book for the event. On those who are over the age of 18 years can attend because of the activities that people do around this area. The event will take place on the banks of the River Thames. There are additional places for people who request for more space especially for those who want to come and enjoy as a group. Exploring the River while sitting on a steam vintage boat is a very interesting experience that you should taste.


Make sure to book early because people from across the world are normally flooding the place which means the places could be limited. It is a well-organised event that you can be sure to get the best experience from it when you attend.


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