There are many reasons you may be looking for prestige car hire in London. Maybe you would like to arrive at a special event in style? Perhaps you are considering buying a new car, and would like to give the model a throuough road test, away from high-pressure sales people? All of our prestige cars are equipped with Satellite Navigation, providing you with a reassuring guide to your destination. They are all packed with features to make your journey comfortable too, from air-conditioning and electric seats to high-end audio-visual systems. Whatever your motivation for hiring a prestige car in London, we have an exclusive range ready for you to enjoy.


Cars with a reputation for excellence, prestige car hire is about so much more than simply getting from A to B. In a fashion-conscious city like London, these cars find a strangely fitting home. Although restricted by the tight roads and heavy traffic, prestige cars fit the architecture of modern London. In the very smartest parts of town our Bentley GTC V8 softop or Super Sport coupé are in their element. Some of the world’s richest people live and work in central London, it’s their playground. With prestige car hire you can share this luxury lifestyle.

Perhaps a Range Rover is more appropriate for your needs? A large luxury SUV is certainly a good way of getting around town if you are travelling in a small group. The high driving position can be extremely useful in a busy city. We have the fully-equipped Vogue or roarty 503bhp Range Rover Sport to choose from, as well as the sharp-looking Evoque. If you prefer German machinery and demand performance, consider the 500bhp Porsche Cayenne and 518bhp Mercedes ML63 super SUVs available. Their power will shock you, with soundtracks usually reserved for supercars.

For true high-end thrills it’s hard to look past Aston Martin, especially in London. From the sweeping lines of a V12-engined DBS to the compact dimensions of a V8 Vantage, this is an opportunity to live like James Bond. Don’t discount the Mercedes SLS either. A genuine 200mph supercar, the 6.4-litre V8 engine will make sure you are heard as well as seen. Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Porsche, Maserati, we have them all at isuperdrive. You are only a few clicks away from booking a date with your favourite.

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