Are you suffering from traumatic injuries on any part of the musculoskeletal system? If yes and suffering from any other related injuries, you better think about to move ahead with the best orthopedic specialists for its thorough treatment. Such sort of injuries can easily be there due to playing sports, accidents, or even while working out.

Anybody can easily become a part of the muscle pulls, neck injuries, head injuries, spinal cord trauma and others, which only Orthopedic specialists can be sorted out. Having right and best Orthopedic professional means you just need to be ready to get invaluable assistance and treatment so that joint replacement and treatment can be attained to fix the problems of hips, knees, elbows and other others. You should know the importance of an orthopedic specialist as they are the one always be there to treating damaged nerves and help in relocating compressed nerves.

Here is the best Doctor we have named as Dr. Arif Patel, who has studied everything in this domain and working successfully to help various people to get rid of all sorts of problems. He is the one, who is always known for treating the patients with care and easily fix up any kind of issues ranging from bone fractures to dislocations, sprains and others. If you are the one suffering from the same and located in London, you better meet up with Dr. Arif and you will surely get great assistance and treatment to avoid any kind of complications. It is very much important to consult an orthopedic specialist as soon as possible if you are suffering from such sort of problems as otherwise your situation will definitely go worse.

Dr. Arif is the best solution for any musculoskeletal problem or injury you might have and because of his amazing touch and work, everything will be fixed up. He is really a great doctor and behind his success, his dedication, knowledge and smart move play a very important role. Dr. Arif studied medicine and completed his Orthopaedic course in Karachi, Pakistan. In order to get a great practical experience and to polish his skills, he moved to the England in 1991 and joined the very famous hospitals in the South West Thames. Dr. Patel has joined St George’s Hospital and other various affiliated hospitals and successfully completed the course along with the fellowship in London, UK. He is known as a great specialist of the shoulder, elbow and knee and till the date he is working in the same to give the best possible treatments.

The career graph and the achievement of Dr. Arif PatelDubai is too long and he worked so well that is why often called by various hospitals and institutes to share great ideas on the Orthopaedic with various students who are pursuing the same course. His communication, suggestions and everything is just amazing and that is why he is different from others. There are various things people should know about his and his ultimate work in Dubai, London and other various places, thus, you better explore more and be a part of the same.


Arif Patel studied medicine and completed an Orthopaedic residency in Karachi, Pakistan. He moved to England in 1991 where he continued his orthopaedic and surgical training at hospitals in the South West Thames region qualifying as a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England in 1993.

Dr. Patel completed his higher surgical training in Orthopaedic surgery at St George’s Hospital and affiliated hospitals and spent a year on fellowship in London, UK, developing subspecialist interests in the shoulder, elbow and knee.

In 2002Dr. Patel was appointed Consultant Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon, and in 2006 moved to Dubai, then moved back to London where he is currently the Clinical Lead for Trauma and Orthopaedics.

Dr. Patel specialises in arthroscopic and joint replacement surgery of the shoulder, elbow and knee.

Dr. Patel is actively involved in training future orthopaedic surgeons and is on the faculty of a number of national and international courses on Trauma and Shoulder surgery.




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