Arif Patel And Family- You Better Know More About The Same

Safety, health and environment domain is something very tricky and to handle the same affair, it is very much important to have a professional. Here, we will talk about one of the best and renowned personality, who has earned a great name and popularity by working in the same filed.

Do you know Mr. Arif Patel who is working in safety, health and environment area with chemicals, oil and gas with over 20+ years and got great popularity and name. Yes, he has accomplished his education and then he moved further to make his great career in the same domain. Currently, he is directing a team of the safety engineers so that a great sense of safety can be offered to the management of one of the finest and largest refineries and recovery plants.

Not only this, Arif Patel Dubai is also associated and working so well with his ultimate project costs of Multi-million dollar for its modernization and development. Talking about his academics, Mr. Arif has accomplished BS in the Chemistry successfully from the Leeds University, UK and later he has worked with various industries to grab great experienced and knowledge. Moreover, Mr. Patel contributed in assisting the in growing Safety Engineering Standards for Middle East countries and visited from one place to another to make sure to install the same program.

Arif Patel and family really worked hard, moved to different countries, guided and contributed in preparing, reviewing and managing Corporate General Instructions, Safe Operating Instructions, Fire & Safety Engineering standards and various others Operating Plans for great help and support. He didn’t stop here only and became a member of the Toxic & Flammable Gas Detector Sensor Development Committee of users & Manufacturers at the SIRA Institute, London, which was his biggest achievement. He often called and approached by various industries to offer great suggestions to run everything in the best possible manner.


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