Arif Patel Dubai A Very Famous Criminal Defense Trial Attorney

Mr. Arif is a very professional and most experienced Defense trial attorney, who is here to help people out of the trouble. He has got years of experience in the same domain and became a very successful lawyer, known to all. Talking about his brief history of his career, education and background, he is from Pakistan and later moved to the UK for great and bright future.

He was born in 1974 in Pakistan and later his parents realized to move to the UK and he was raised so well over there only. They moved to the UK in 1978 and later he has completed his bachelor degree in Political science. He always wanted to become a criminal lawyer, however, make up a great plan to fetch the aim and he got great success and name to follow the same blueprint.

Mr. Arif Patel did his graduation and later on he has attended the university of lay, from where he has received master degree in law in 1997. This was the phase where he was progressing so well to his aim and was also commissioned in the UK navy as an officer. While pursing graduation, he was appointed as a full time active duty officer in various departments, via which he has got great practical degree to proceed further.

Aside this, Mr. Arif Patel Dubai has served as the most successful and talented criminal defense trial attorney as well as a military prosecutor, which is not an easy job at all. He is very famous because of his ultimate contribution, education and knowledge and always go with the authentic practices. His career and education background is very interesting, thus, you better move up knowing more about him and follow his path of success.



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