Arif Patel Uk And His Great Years Of Experience As A Financial Consultant

Financial consulting and planning is really very important for any small to big businesses and if it won’t be done in time, a business can’t run properly. We all know that everything is all about financing and investing and if it won’t be done properly, you can’t expect to get great profit at all.

Every business should have the best financial consultant, who must read everything – how much a company earns, invests, saves and all and make up a great plan to manage the money very well. Not all the consultants are best in their job, but here we have very famous and talented professional, called- Mr. Arif Patel UK, who has got 19 years of experience in the same domain and helped various companies to grow well.

Mr. Patel has got British Nationality and has an experience of 19+ years in financial, energy and infrastructure sectors in London. He has also worked with the famous companies in Dubai along with the many other countries and worked superbly good to offer great profit to the companies. Not only this, he is the one who is known for serving as a Financial Consultant for many energy companies from 1997 to 2015 and established a great reputation in the market.

Everybody wants Mr. Arif Patel for a great suggestion and consulting in various affairs, however, he has worked with everybody without any hassle. He serves as an Independent Non-Executive Director of Petroleum Corp. Ltd. and till the date he is doing very well with various companies. Mr. Patel holds a master in Economics from Yale University and later graduated from the University of London with bachelor in Economics in 1994. Via the same education, he has entered in the same field and made up great career, which can’t make so easily at all.


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