Welcome To The World of Augmented Reality

Today, technology and its increasing use is a part of our daily lives. We don’t even realize how we are surrounded by nothing but technology at all our ends. We need to know, how important it is and what role technology plays, camouflaged in one form or the other. Making use of technology we have brought our lives to ease not realizing how tough things would be without them. One such innovation is the augmented reality. It is a form of virtual reality like playing games on cell phone. Playing games on cell phones that show you the landscape in front of you and the object let suppose a cartoon image in the natural landscape in front of us. Such games are the gift of none other than augmented reality.

Such a technology is very important where the imagination needs to do the working. For an instance, when we plan to have a house made, we visit the architect, earlier, the architect used to draw either a map or print on two dimensional paper what the house would look like. However, now, it is not the same. Using augmented reality, the architect can show you a three dimensional image of how the house would look like, how would the feel be. It says of how everything would look like. A good example of this flourishing technology is augmented reality Dubai. They make use of this technology in not only architecture but also use the same in archeology, gaming, education, preparation for various scenarios.

If we take a closer look at the technology, it has a very strong capacity to make things easy to visualize and easier to understand along with making thing much more interesting and learnable. People who are aware of it may like to make use of it in their daily lives may it be in playing games or doing something innovative!


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