Expedited CHP For Domestic Violence Victims

Too many times I’ve had students or friends that were involved in serious cases of domestic violence. Unfortunately, not all of them are still here today.


Proof shows that the most dangerous time for the victim is at the time the attacker has been served with a protective order. This is often the trigger of violence.


If you have an identified violent threat in your life, then waiting up to six months for the concealed handgun permit is way too long. We don’t need any more proof of how much time matters.


During the 2016 Louisiana legislative session, I worked many hours along with, Valarie Hodges – Louisiana State Representative – District 64,Louisiana Shooting Association, Inc., the NRA-ILA FrontLines, theLouisiana Sheriffs’ Association, Louisiana State Police and domestic violence organizations to create a bill that puts victims of DV (that have permanent protective orders in place) to be eligible to apply for a temporary concealed handgun permit that has an expedited process.


House Bill 1155 had almost total support in both the house and senate from both democrats and republicans. It was signed by Office of Governor John Bel Edwards and takes effect August 1st.


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